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Time Warner and Britain's EMI Group merge

20 Billion Dollar Deal

A Music Powerhouse

Spice Girls

The deal will put some of the biggest names under one roof. Artist like The Rolling Stones,Spice Girls,The Beatles,MadonnaMadonna, Phil Collins,Jewel and I believe Garth Brooks. Also with AOL merging with Time Warner- It could change the way people buy their music. I think the big push will be for this company to sell a lot of thier music on the internet. With the names of the artists and power of the company to reach a large group of people over the internet it might just happen.

Move your mouse over to see Jewel's biography!

The name of the merged compnay will be Warner EMI Music. It will be headquartered in New York and will have over 20,000 employees world wide.

I like the way this is heading. All I have to do now is buy a cd burner!

A few of Garth's songs
The Dance Garth Brooks Much Too Young
Rodeo Shameless
Friends In Low Places Two Pina Coladas
Wild Horses Garth on a cool Fall day Rollin'

The Rolling Stones

Who is your favorite artist?

Do you like country or rock?
rock country

Which of one of these artists do you like?


Assignment 1
Brandon Vaught