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In July of 1998 my family was introduced to the terrifying world of
Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) when we were told that our unborn son had
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This "uncommon" defect is always fatal unless
there is medical intervention immediately upon birth. The doctor explained that
the left side of his heart was too small and would not function properly
after he was born. There would be virtually no blood flowing to his
body, from his underdeveloped left heart. We were given the three common
choices for this particular defect: 1) Palliative Surgery (Norwood, etc.)
2) Heart Transplant 3) Compassionate Care (no medical intervention).

After getting over the initial shock of such news, we immediately
turned to the only place we could think of - the internet. We found an
informative site called The Children's Health Information Network
(TCHIN). There we found invaluable information, links, and other
parents who were dealing with the same thing. We also found that this defect
was anything but "uncommon". We were surprised to find that so many children
were affected by this particular heart defect and even more surprised to find
out the large amount of children affected by the other types of heart defects,
despite this, most of the information available to people still labels heart
defects as "uncommon".

After many discussions with health care professionals, fellow
"heart parents", and our family, we began to focus in on the decision
to pursue a heart transplant for our son, Logan. After many tears, much
soul searching, and praying we moved to Loma Linda, California where
Logan would be under the care of the wonderful staff at Loma Linda
University Children's Hospital's.

He was born on December 7, 1998; sadly ironic, he appeared to be the
healthiest baby I had given birth to, so big and chubby and pink
What a bittersweet day that was for our family. Joyful that he had
finally "arrived", yet scared beyond imagination at what lay ahead for
him. He struggled with many problems and amazed us and his doctors and
nurses with his will to live and overcome many obstacles. For two days
we stood by his side, praying he would get the heart he so desperately
needed. His sick little heart could not take any more and he was soon
too critical to stay on the heart transplant list. Our little hero
became an angel just two short days after his birth.
He was with us for such a short time but the courage, strength, spirit,
and unconditional love that he brought to us, and countless others,
will live on forever.

We are most grateful to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (in particular
Dr. Ricardo Peverini, Dr. Chinna and Colleen Emerson) for the loving,
dedicated care they gave Logan; the Transplant Team members, Joyce
Johnston and Mike Cervantes; and the Chaplin, Jennifer Elliot. They
touched our lives beyond words.

Since our son's death we are trying to reach out to other parents
(and other family members) who are affected by CHD's. In doing so, we are
making sure that Logan's brief life and tragic death will not be in
vain. We realize we were "lucky" to have had an early diagnosis; to have had
the time to prepare. Too many babies go undiagnosed until after birth when they
become critically ill or until it's too late to save them. Continued research,
more accurate and timely diagnosis, more research money, and better
educational and support systems are needed.

We have created this page and will continue our work to promote
awareness for Congenital Heart Defects, in the name of Logan Gene Vaught
and the countless other children affected by CHD's, both here and in

Please take a moment to read through the names of these heroes and
say a prayer for the families who love them.
With hope,
Desiree Vaught
mom to a CHD ^i^ Logan Vaught 12/ 07/ 98 ~ 12/ 09/98 HLHS

February 14, 2001

A Day For Hearts: Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day

Please join us in our effort to promote understanding of the number one birth defect in our country. Congenital Heart Defects (CHD's) affect over 32,000 babies a year (in the US). Approximately another 40,000 children are diagnosed with CHD's during the first year of life and more, later in childhood. CHD's affect over 1 million people, despite these numbers we lack a much needed national organization to help provide educational services, information, and overall awareness for CHD. We have started this campaign with some major goals:

We want people to know that CHD's are the number one birth defect.

We want people to know that funding is needed for research to prevent/cure heart defects and to further the quality of life for those living with CHD's.

We want to help promote organ donation ~ everyone has a chance to save or change a life by donating their organs ~ help give the greatest gift of all ~ life!

We want to let people in the CHD community know that there are resources available to them and to help broaden these resources.

We want anyone affected by heart defects -- parents, patients, siblings, grandparents, friends, and extended family -- to know that there is support available both online and offline.

We want to help the precious babies, children and the adults who are faced with CHD's have a better chance at a long, healthy and much deserved life.

Already, several states and cities have signed proclamations making February 14, 2001 as "A Day for Hearts: Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day". So, please join us in our efforts to reach these goals. In loving memory of all the children and adults who have died from CHD's ~ and those who mourn them; in tribute to all the precious children and adults still battling CHD's and to those who help them; in tribute to the compassionate professionals who dedicate their lives to helping them ~ join us on February 14, 2001 and help us celebrate this day of hearts.

Nevada's Proclamation by The Governor

WHEREAS, Congenital Heart Defects are among the most common birth
defects and are the leading cause of defect related deaths; and

WHEREAS, with the increased familiarity of CHD, more diagnoses are
being made of what was not long ago thought to be an extremely rare
and irreparable disorder; and

WHEREAS, too many babies and children born with CHD's continued to die
due to the severity of the defect, a lack of timely detection, a lack of
donor hearts and medical intervention failure; and

WHEREAS, more than 32,000 infants are born each year with heart defects
in the United States; and

WHEREAS, numerous professionals are researching CHD in order to more
accurately describe its origin, physical signs, symptoms and surgical options;

do hereby proclaim February 14, 2001 as

States with Proclamations

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado,Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois,
Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missippi,
Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio,
Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin (List will be updated as other states sign)

Our Fallen Heroes In The Battle Against Congenital Heart Defects

Image from "The Littlest Angel" by Charles Tazewell

Logan Gene Vaught
12/7/98 ~ 12/9/98 Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) Needed Heart Transplant
Died Waiting for a Donor Heart

Joseph William Schultz
07/22/98 ~ 12/9/98 HLHS

Anna Renee Dietrich
09/30/98 ~ 10/10/98 HLHS

Christopher Ronald Faller
05/07/90 ~ 03/24/98 Severe Restrictive Cardiomopathy
And Secondary Pulmonary Hypertension
Piggyback Heart Transplant on 10/7-8/97

Hope Elise Quigley
4/24/00 ~ 9/11/00 Hypolastic Left Heart, Pulmonary Stenosis
AV Canal Defect, Double Outlet Right Ventricle, Total Anomalous Venous
Return, Bilateral SVC's, Dextracardia, and born without a Spleen

Mandy Lee Bender
4/21/95 ~ 5/31/95 HLHS

Rachel Marie Lund
01/12/99 ~ 01/15/99 Endocardial Fibro Elastosis

Taylor Ryan Kivisto
4/10/97 ~ 4/11/97 Transposition of Great Arteries

Matthew Charles Barr
07/01/97 ~ 07/09/97 HLHS

Devon Ray Coon
03/23/97 ~ 03/24/97 TGA and Lymphactasia

Hope Teresa Rochelle DiDomenicantonio
06/07/00 ~ 06/18/00 HLHS

Corey Joseph Gindling
12/3/97 ~ 10/21/98 HLHS

Satiana Priya Landis
6/29/00 ~ 07/05/00 HLHS

Devin Lael Dorogi
5/3/97 ~ 7/26/97 HLHS and VCFS

Zoe Marie Gibbs
2/22/99 ~ 9/01/99 TAPVR

James Peter Magill
07/05/00 ~ 7/11/00 HLHS

Zachary Wayne Brooks
6/02/99 ~ 11/30/99 AV Canal Defect, Coarctation of the Aorta

Nolan John Shimchick
3/1/00 ~ 3/29/00 HLHS

Natalie Cooper Ciepienlinski
6/18/00 ~ 6/23/00 HLHS

Jesse Peter Landers
7/6/00 ~ 10/2/00 HLHS, Blood Clot

Lane McKinnon Fox
5/8/00 ~ 5/28/00 HLHS

Leslie Sue Large
4/18/99 ~ 6/28/00 Tetrology of Fallot with Absent Pulmonary Valve

Jeremy Ryan Noble
11/20/98 ~ 9/6/00 HLHS, PAVPR

Sherri Lynn Poe
5/26/67 ~ 6/17/67 Transposition of the Great Vessels

Kyle Allen Poe
3/15/69 ~ 11/22/95 Corrected Transposition of the Great Vessels,
3rd degree Heart Block, PDA, VSD, Ebsteins Anomoly

Gabriel James Cochran
12/17/99 ~ 12/22/99 HLHS

Garrett Allen Carpenter
060/4/99 ~ 06/29/00 L-TGA (Congenitally Corrected Transposition), Complete Heart Block, Pacemaker Implanted on 6/7/99 and 5/19/00, VSD, Coarctation of the Aorta (repaired 6/7/99)

Julia May Folchi
12/21/99 ~ 01/18/00 HLHS, Shone's Complex

Derek Michael Pederson
5/22/00-9/13/00 from complications of HLHS

Alexander Neal Balding
11/30/20 ~ 01/17/01 HLHS

Hunter Reed Tharpe
11/27/99 ~ 12/01/99 Critical Aortic Stenosis, HLHS

Alexander James Patrick Kincaide Curran
09/14/00 ~ 11/04/00 HLHS

Chancellor Nicolas Middleton
05/15/99 ~ 06/15/99 HLHS

Alexander Diego
09/21/98 ~ 07/28/00 Acute Angle of Origin of Left Coronary Vessel

Emily Claire Schmidt
04/03/97 ~ 07/14/97 Shone's Complex

Alec Jon Omichinski
11/09/93 ~ 11/19/93 HLHS, Critical Aortic Stenosis

Andi Zintel
08/18/00 ~ 10/03/00 HLHS Fatal Arrythmia Complications

Daniel Christopher Wolfe
11/12/99 ~ 11/26/99 HLHS Not diagnosed until after his death

Briana Elizabeth Greco
02/14/97 to 03/02/97 HLHS

Benjamin John Boland
11/24/97 ~ 12/25/97 Severe Aortic Stenosis

Joshua Ian Truscott
10/11/00 ~ 16/11/00 HLHS

Bailey Ann
02/14/97 ~ 06/17/97 ASD, VSD, Left Pulmonary Vein Stenosis, Right Pulmonary
Vein Atresia, Pulmonary Hypertension

Benjamin Thomas von Eitzen
09/28/00 ~ 10/02/00 HLHS

Courtney Lynn Griffith
06/07/00 ~ 07/26/00 HLHS

Kevin Andrew (Andy) Barbee
06/05/85 ~ 06/15/85 PPHN, AV Canal, PDA

Benjamin Jean Eric Rimlinger
09/05/92 Became an Angel 9 hours later TAPVD, ASD

Hannah Elisabeth Eagan
07/20/98 ~ 12/30/98
Supravalvular Aortic Stenosis and Pulmonary and Branch Pulmonary Vein Stenosis

John Harold
02/23/95 ~ 12/15/95 Pulmonary Atresia

Lucy Ava Peters
08/03/00 ~ 10/01/00 HLHS

Anderson Lawrence Darley
04/06/00 ~ 05/23/00 Complete AV Canal and Right Ventricular Hypoplasia, Down Syndrome, Trisomy 21

Kaitlynn (Kaiti)Reid Smith DeWever
08/11/98 ~ 12/21/99 Malformation of the "fast pathway", Right Ventricular Enlargement,
Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, Hypoplasia of the Left Ventricular Papillary Muscles,
Fatal Cardiac Arythmia

Elizabeth Hannah (Ellie) Hughes
06/20/98 ~ 10/28/99 L-TGA

Nathan Frederick Burrows
12/25/97 ~ 02/22/98 HLHS

Thomas James Neil
died in utero 11/99 ~ born 01/12/00 Critical Aortic Stenosis

Sydney Allison Russell
06/02/99 ~ 08/03/99 Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Rebecca Anne Gonyer
11/10/99 ~ 11/18/99 HLHS

Joshua David Gates
11/04/99 ~ 11/29/99 HLHS died while waiting for a heart

Maggie Rae Ritchie
06/28/00 ~ 10/17/00 TAPVR, Single Ventricle

Joshua Allen Menssen
05/31/99 ~ 06/08/99 HLHS

Micah Jack Edmund Arend
05/19/00 ~ 06/02/00 HLHS

Michaela Anne Gil
10/31/00 ~ 12/19/00 HLHS

Our Surviving Heroes In The Battle Against Congenital Heart Defects

Jacob Riley Bretthauer
08/01/97 HLHS Heart Transplant on 11/21/97

Timothy Roy Kivisto (brother to ^i^ Taylor Kivisto)
8/14/94 VSD (corrected) and PDA (Diagnosed on 10/3/95)

Alexander Guy Jaworski
08/11/94 HLHS

Gabriel Ellinghouse
05/24/99 HLHS

Benjamin David King
09/24/97 HLHS, Pacemaker

Angelo Nicholas Guerriere
03/02/99 HLHS

Jonah Robert Hoser
02/15/97 HLHS currently waiting for a heart

Jessica Nicole Lund (sister to ^i^ Rachel Lund)
06/15/00 PDA

Jeffrey Cameron
06/06/96 diagnosed HLHS on 6/15/96

Julia Elizabeth Wynn
12/19/97 HLHS, DIRV, PDD-NOS

Taylor Matisse Colvin
09/22/00 HLHS

Brock William Agee
12/16/99 HLHS

Andrew Joseph Rodebaugh
12/06/2000 HLHS

Lauren Esther Graham
8/30/00 HLHS with Intact Atrial Septum

Samantha Anne Sabell
10/9/99 HLHS

Christina Ashley Hayes
02/03/00 HLHS

Quinn Maxfield Keller
10/21/00 HLHS with Tricuspid Regurgitation

Amber Loney-Feagan
07/25/96 HLHS

Michael Aaron Cooper
04/28/95 HLHS

Ellen Reinsburrow
06/24/92 HLHS

Madeline Elise Cole
09/11/97 HLHS

Jonah Michael Van Eck
01/25/97 HLHS, COA

Raiden Anthony Helwig
08/01/2000 HLHS, Heart Transplant on 8/11/2000

Jarod Scott Davis
06/02/98 HLHS

Matthew Burton
09/17/99 HLHS

Courtney Stevens
09/04/95 HLHS, DORV, ASD, Pulmonary atresia, Other birth defects:Situs Inversus

Sabrina Lidia Tersigni
03/01/00 HLHS

Nicole Worsham
03/07/00 HLHS

Wade Bryant
09/18/93 HLHS

Megan Liberty Rathbun
09/29/00 TGA, arrhythmia

Larry Jordan Lambrecht
09/24/98 HLHS

Jared Raymond Turngren
01/16/99 HLHS

Garrett Keller
04/15/97 HLHS

Sema Rae
09/04/88 HLHS

Jaedin Price
12/08/98 HLHS

Mia Caroline Bergstrom
08/06/99 HLHS

Brett Thomas Leonard
02/18/00 HLHS

James Peter Crisp
10/03/00 HLHS

Austin Brian
10/22/98 TAPVR Not Diagnosed until 01/16/99

Charles L. Stanford,III (Chase)
05/19/97 HLHS

Timothy Gay
08/14/97 HLHS

Sarah Zoe Allen HLHS

Nicolas J. Santos
09/25/00 HLHS

Christopher Ryan Whitson
07/18/99 HLHS

Annika Murrell
06/23/97 HLHS and Heterotaxy

Kayla Marie Radel
10/20/99 HLHS

Jack Robert VonSosen
08/04/98 HLHS

Thomas R. Gracia II
08/10/00 HLHS

Shelly Lynn
11/05/96 HLHS, Heart Transplant on 10/01/00

Lorraine Keegan Leckrone
11/03/99 HLHS

Chandler James Burnell
07/24/96 HLHS

Cindy Matthews
07/04/95 HLHS, VSD, Mitral Valve Stenosis, COA, Bicuspid Aortic Valve

B'Elanna Concepcion Chiemara
01/16/01 TGA, VSD, Pulmonic Stenosis, PDA

Nicholas Briggs
01/28/98 Heterotaxy Syndrome with Asplenia, DORV (Double Outlet Right
Ventricle), Bilateral SVC, Interrupted IVC, PS, VSD, Common Atrium

Kevin "Elijah" Hernandez
07/05/00 HLHS, Regurgitating Tricuspid Valve, Coarc of the Aorta

Katie Zintel
06/08/98 Pulmonary Stenosis

Hunter Dreier
09/09/99 ASD

Earl Offenback III
04/02/00 HLHS

Skyler Blaize Carpenter
02/24/98 w/Tricuspid Dysplasia

Eric Baemayr
05/11/91 HLHS

Haley Michelle Dyer
10/08/93 HLRH Heart Transplant on 12/02/93

Our Surviving Adult Heroes In The Battle Against Congenital Heart Defects

Victoria Rose Scoggins
03/31/83 Repaired Coarctation, PA Band, Tricuspid Atresia, ASD, VSD,
11 yrs. post Fontan, 6 stents, TCH

Anthony L Pugliese
04/28/1964 Single Ventricle Pulnomic Stenosis, Transposition of The Great Vessels

Renee Wirtz
07/15/68 DiGeorge Syndrome, Deletion of Choromozone Number 22q, VSD

Jeffrey Nelson Lund (Dad to ^i^ Rachel and Jessica)
09/30/65 VSD

Kids With Heart page

To promote greater public awareness of
congenital heart disorders, wear your
CHD AWARENESS Ribbon pin!!!

Pins are $2.50 each (includes shipping!)
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Kids With Heart, NACHD, Inc
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Valentines Day is celebrated with hearts of every kind,
There's paper hearts and chocolate hearts and hearts that speak our minds
It is a day to express our love, from deep inside our soul,
To acknowledge loved ones in our life and let our feelings show.

Now this day, will be special, in yet another way,
It's been proclaimed, in many states, CHD Awareness Day.
On this day we honor those born with their heart broken,
The world will know of their plight, silent throughts now spoken.

We will remember loved ones, lost to CHD.
In our souls and in our hearts, forever they will be.
To those who continue the fight each day we are filled with admiration,
Your courage, faith and love for life deserve this celebration.

We also want to recognize, honor and give praise,
To those who keep our hopes alive with their kind and caring ways.
The nurses, doctors, and researchers are part of this day too,
For many hearts that still beat on, we give our thanks to you.

A day of hearts it truly is, hearts of red and gold,
Now add to it a brand new symbol, another heart to hold.
Please remember on this day, those with hearts not perfect,
And everyone who loves someone, with a congenital heart defect.
by Dolly Lee

For further information contact Desiree Vaught

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